Tuesday, September 4, 2007

What is Kratom?

Kratom is a strong medicinal herb. It is the leaf of the Kratom tree, which is indigenous to Thailand. Unfortunately, Kratom is illegal in its native land but it is completely legal in the United States.

In small doses, it is stimulating like caffeine, though with none of the negative side effects such as tension and headache. In high doses, Kratom crosses over into the brain to the mu-opiate receptors and functions as a potent painkiller and narcotic. It is comparable in strength to hydrocodone, the active ingredient in vicodin.

Kratom is commonly used to help individuals that suffer from chronic pain. Many prefer a natural solution over pharmaceuticals and for those without prescription drug coverage Kratom can be much more affordable.

Kratom also is a blessing for those dealing with opiate withdrawal. Kratom is of great help to individuals trying to taper off opiate usage.

If Kratom sounds like something that might work for you, Get Kratom is a high quality vendor selling premium powdered Kratom at a great price.

Even though Kratom is completely legal, it is not a registered supplement with the FDA. Because of this, sites like Get Kratom sell Kratom as an incense not intended for human consumption. Fortunately, individuals in the USA have the right to make their own choices about what they put in their body.


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